Croom GPS Map, by

KTM TPS Adjustmet For Perfect Performance

Disclaimer: This map was created in Google Maps using the map provided by the state for the Croom motorcycle area (linked below).  I spot checked the waypoints myself and those that I checked were accurate.  If you notice any errors, or to suggest additions or changes, please contact me at: mwolfe [at] qualitysmart [dot] com.  Use at your own risk and enjoy! 


To import these points into your Garmin eTrex GPS do the following:

  1. Download the GPX file above.  Right-click and "save as" or "download file", depending on your browser.

  2. Connect your Garmin eTrex to your computer and view the files with Windows Explorer

  3. Copy the GPX file into the folder named "GPX" on your eTrex

  4. Reboot your eTrex

Now you should see all of the waypoints in your eTrex!  See the example below for how the map works: